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  • The Afghanistan Income Tax Law, causing many small business owners and individual taxpayers to calculate their taxes incorrectly. They might be unaware of deductions and tax breaks that they are legally entitled to, or might simply make a mathematical error. No one wants to pay more in taxes than they have to, but underpaying can bring the IRS knocking on your door. To make sure your taxes are calculated properly, contact Fanoos Accounting & Consulting. We offer quality tax preparation and proactive tax planning strategies with the goal of reducing tax obligations for our clients.We are reliable and experienced accountants with proficiency in tax preparation. Our Accountancy firm keeps tabs on revisions to the tax laws, so our methods are always up to date and ensure you won’t be subject to any tax penalties. We’re also familiar with available tax credits and deductions that can save you hundreds or even thousands at the end of the year.


    Local Fanoos Tax Preparer

    Find out how working with our Fanoos Accountancy firm can take the pain out of tax time! We skillfully prepare income tax returns for individuals and business tax filings for small businesses. Call us now at +93799764533 or request a consultation through our website and we’ll contact you shortly.

    • Business tax preparation
    • Income tax returns for individuals
    • E-file for quicker tax refunds
    • Tax minimization strategies
    • Estate and trust tax preparation
    • Non-profit tax preparation – Form
    • Property tax returns
    • Sales tax returns
    • Payroll returns

    Tax Planning Services

    Fanoos Accounting & Consulting is committed to developing money-saving tax planning strategies for businesses and individuals. Our accountancy firm takes a proactive approach to tax planning that helps our clients realize significant tax savings. We’re more than accountants; we’re skilled tax specialists with years of experience working with the Afghanistan. tax code.

    For our small business clients, we understand that tax compliance is an ongoing project. Business decisions you make during the year often have tax consequences. We have the foresight to help you consider the possible financial outcome before you make a move that could increase your tax burden. When you rely on us for tax advice, we’ll manage your tax obligations throughout the year to ensure there are no surprises at tax time and you never overpay.
    For individual taxpayers, we offer tax planning techniques that will keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket. We’ll look at your complete financial situation and make recommendations to reduce taxes now and in the future.


    Tax Planning for Businesses and Individuals

    Find out how we can decrease your Federal and State taxes. Call us today at +93799764533 to learn more or request a consultation through our website now and we’ll contact you.

    • Strategic tax planning for businesses and individuals
    • Alternative minimum tax planning
    • Multiple tax planning
    • Tax compliance for non-profit organizations

Afghanistan Income Tax Law and Regulation

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