Physical Location
Physical Location Finally, where do managerial accountants actually do their
Cross-Functional Deployment
Cross-Functional Deployment On a formal organization chart, accountants generally are
Organization Chart
Organization Chart Notice that the company’s top management group consists
Managerial Location
Where Are Managerial Located in An Organization? This question can
Objectives of Managerial Accounting
What are objectives of managerial accounting activity? Managerial accountants and
Assisting the organization’s competitive position
Assisting the organization’s competitive position, and working with other managers
Measuring the Performance of Activities
Measuring the performance of activities, subunits, managers, and other employees
Assisting managers
Assisting managers in directing and controlling operational activities. Directing and
Decision Making and Planning
Providing information for decision making and planning. Providing information for
What is controlling?
The theme park has operated for several years now. Is

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